Aqua Kingdoms Guide to Online Video Games

Welcome to Aqua Kingdoms Guide to Online Video Games, Online Card Games and more. Here we discuss ever popular online card games like Blackjack and poker while also putting a focus on some of the best online video games that have been released so far during this year. Discover the best in online video games with our handy guide that will take you through the steps necessary to battle bosses and even your friends in great multiplayer action.


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Finally getting tired of losing at Online Card Games?
Our online card games guide is available to help you learn the best strategies to defeating AI dealers and AI players. If you are also playing an RPG that has a casino type game in it, our guide can teach you the rules and how to win at games like online poker and online is a good guide.

Guide to Online Video Games

If your friends have been beating you consistently at games like Team Fortress or Quake and you want to start winning, then discover some of our online video games tips like how to rocket jump and how to use Quad powerups more effectively. Think your friends are just naturally good at playing online video games or maybe they have already read our guide!


Professional Online Video Game Players
Is it possible to win money while playing video games online? Absolutely. There are professional video game organizations springing up everywhere and if you are good, you can make it to the top of the rankings. After that you may be able to get corporate sponsorship and play in the big leagues of online video games.

Magic the Gathering

If you are ready to play online card games like Magic the Gathering, blackjack or poker, then you can find out some of the best places online with our guide we even list guides for Italia like this oneCasinò Online Italia. Fell free to e-mail any questions you may have.


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