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Finally have some good news to report. If you have been following our gaming guide for sometime then you know that we had some issues with online casinos and their bonuses. With one online casino specifically. Well the good news is that the manager has gotten us a fantastic bonus and we are now able to play online poker again. This is good news because you know that we love to play Quake and Team Fortress but 2nd to that we absolutely love playing poker online. You can check out some of our matches by the way if you tune into our TV online channel at Justin Tv.


How can we help you in finding the best bonus slot machine?  Our years of experience in playing at the best online slot casinos gives us the edge that you can use to have the best payouts, max bets and bonuses.  Are you a high roller looking for a fun way to raise your bankroll?  Finding the best bonus slot machine could do that for you.  Statistics show that more money is one from progressive slots with bonus rounds than any other type of casino game.  Those same statistics also show that the predominant winners of progressive slot games with a bonus round are high rollers that dedicate at least six thousand to one game.  When you break the numbers down, your return on investment could be over 6000%.  By working with a large bankroll, high rollers are able to increase the amount of chances that they have towards winning millions from a single progressive slot game.  Those chances also increase if the progressive has bonus rounds and free spins. 

Have you had trouble finding the best bonus slot machine at the casino you play at?  It might be a good time to switch online casinos then.  Casinos with bonus slot games gives the player a higher probability of winning large sums.  Online casinos that do not offer bonus slot games know this, so it’s not really fair to the player is it?  You should switch over to an online casino that believes in fair play and doesn’t do its best to put the odds in its favor.   


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